URGENT: Naseem needs your help with crucial therapy.

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Siham Byah—beloved community member, activist, and single mother—was detained by ICE for two months and subsequently deported back to her birth country of Morocco at the end of 2017. Despite checking in yearly with US Immigration services and being issued a stay of removal until her asylum status could be approved, Siham was deported from the country she has called home since 1999. She was ripped from her eight year old son, Naseem, who was placed in DCF custody despite living with and being cared for by Siham’s partner, Aziz. She has not consistently been allowed to communicate with her own flesh and blood since her arrest on November 7, 2017. Siham is currently in Morocco where she continues to fight for her child and her basic human rights.

Unfortunately, stories like this are common; Siham Byah is one of many immigrants who has been targeted and brutalized by ICE, which has only escalated under the Trump Administration. The Justice 4 Siham coalition is made up of Siham’s friends and family, as well as local activists who are dedicated to reuniting Siham with her son and building a united defense of Greater Boston’s immigrant communities. We stand with immigrants.

“I’m hurting, but this is not just about me; this is about everyone out there suffering under the weight of imperialism.” -Siham Byah