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The custody hearing of Naseem Byah starts May 7th at 10am at the Boston Probate Courthouse. The Justice4Siham Campaign is mobilizing its forces to demand that the hearing results in reunification with his mother and sole caretaker Siham Byah, who was deported in December 2017.

Siham Byah, Moroccan-born activist, single mother, and asylum seeker, was detained November 7, 2017, at which time her then-eight-year-old son, Naseem, was taken into DCF custody. Just as Siham had organized against police brutality on the outside, she demanded better treatment for her fellow inmates while in ICE detention. In response, she received freezing conditions, solitary confinement, and threats in retaliation. Siham was held for two months and later deported in late 2017 with nothing but the clothes on her back and no word if she would ever see her child again. Since then, Siham advocated tirelessly to get Naseem back. She completed a home study coordinated through ISS (International Social Service) and provided DCF (Department of Children and Families) with all required documents more than once. She was shocked and devastated to find out on Wednesday, October 24th, 2018, DCF met and gave their final recommendation to place Naseem with his biological father until his eighteenth birthday. This recommendation is based off unsubstantiated claims, and it is now clear that DCF had no intention of returning Naseem to his mother.

Although the court will determine the custody of Naseem Byah, the difficult situation he faces is not a simple custody dispute. There has never been any question of Siham’s parental fitness.
DCF’s plans for Naseem do not represent Naseem’s best interest. This is a backup plan created to deal with the traumatic effects of state action which disregarded Naseem’s welfare in
the first place. The Justice4Siham Campaign is calling on all public officials and media outlets to bring light to the injustice that has been imposed on Siham and Naseem. We invite public
officials to sign onto the Campaign’s letter to Judge Limon supporting Siham and Naseem’s reunification. And ask that all local, national, and international news agencies report on Siham
and Naseem’s struggle.