Justice4Siham 5-Day Phonebanking Campaign

Jan 8 – Jan 12

We are calling on Siham’s supporters to take part in a weeklong phone banking campaign to DCF and various elected officials to demand Siham be reunited with her son.

In November, local activist and single mother Siham Byah was detained by ICE during a routine check-in with immigration services. Her son Naseem was taken into DCF custody, where he was placed in the care of strangers despite Siham’s request that he be sent to a friend’s family who were willing to take him.

Two weeks ago, Siham was deported suddenly and despite a pending legal case. She was not even able to say goodbye to her son. Naseem was not informed of the deportation, and DCF is denying Siham communication with her son.

Join us in calling on DCF and elected officials to reunite Siham with her son.

Monday, January 8th – DCF Regional Supervisor
Tuesday, January 9th – DCF Commissioner Linda Spears
Wednesday, January 10th – Governor Charlie Baker
Thursday, January 11th – AG Maura Healy
Friday, January 12th – Joint Committee on Children, Families and Persons with Disabilities

Please use the hashtags #Justice4Siham and #Justice4Naseem and help us spread the word!
To learn more about Siham’s story, visit: http://justice4siham.com/about-siham/

In solidarity with Siham, we are demanding:
1. DCF allow Siham to freely communicate with Naseem whenever and however they wish.
2. DCF does not put Naseem up for adoption against Siham’s wishes.
3. DCF help Naseem get a passport so that he can be reunited with Siham.
4. The Massachusetts Department of Children and Families release a public statement against Siham Byah’s deportation, and that they end any collaboration with the ICE attacks that are devastating Massachusetts families.
5. Siham Byah be returned to the United States immediately and given the opportunity to present her case for asylum. [Siham was notified of her pending asylum case and then deported by ICE, in violation of the law, before her case could be heard.]
6. ICE immediately stop terrorizing our communities and ripping apart families.