Take Action

We need your support to reunite Siham and Naseem. Connect with the campaign on social media, donate to the legal fund & sign the petition! Upcoming actions will be detailed on social media.

Twitter: @justice4siham
Facebook: @FreeSiham
Email: justice4siham@gmail.com
Fundraiser: http://Paypal.me/sihamb1

Keep the pressure on: Call DCF and your elected officials to ask them to intervene in Siham’s case:

DCF Commissioner Linda Spears617-748-2000 (number for several top people)

DCF Northern Regional Office (Lawrence)978-557-2700

DCF Lynn Area Office781-477-1600

Charlie Baker Main Office: (617) 725-4005

DCF Central Office address to mail letters:
Department of Children and Families
600 Washington Street
Boston, MA 02111

Joint Committee on Children, Families, and Persons with Disability:

Senate Chair: Joan B. Lovely Phone: 617-722-1410

House Chairs: Kay Khan Phone: 617-722-2011, Aaron Vega Phone (State House): 617-722-2011

Additionally, please check if any of the other committee members are your representative: